6-Inch Coil Burner Element

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6-Inch Coil Burner Element Specifications this Element Is A Genuine Oem Replacement Part, Has Looped Terminal Ends, Comes With A Black Medallion Center, And Fits Most Electric Ranges. All Burners Are Made Of A Heating Wire That Produces Heat From Electricity. Remove The Non-Functional Burner Element From The Terminal Block (Or Receptacle). Use A Multi-Meter To Check For Continuity. Check The End Of The Terminals For Corrosion Or Heat Damage. If There Is Corrosion Or Heat Damage, Replace The Whole Terminal Block Or Receptacle At The Same Time You Replace The Damaged Coil. Before You Start This Repair, Make Sure That The Element Is Turned Off And Cool To The Touch. This Part Fixes The Following Symptoms: This Part Fixes The Following Symptoms: Element Will Not Heat | Will Not Startthis Part Works With The Following Products: This Part Works With The Following Products: Range, Cooktop. This Part Works With The Following Products: This Part Works With The Following Products: Frigidaire, Tappan, Kenmore, Kelvinator. Part, 318372211 Replaces These: Part, 318372211 Replaces These: Ap4455337,08002899,08003117,08004664,08010466,08011659,08011963,08067762,222t021p02,222t026p01,222t026p02,222t026p04,222t026p05,222t026p08,222t026p09,222t026p10,222t026p12,222t026p13,222t026p14,222t057p01. . . Show More, 222t062p01,3012222,3015210,3015607,3017441,3051433,3051803,316048500,316265300,316439801,318372201,5301314951,5303015210,5303017441,5303309000,5303325550,5308002899,5308004664,5308011659,5308011963,8011963,G382061,G382062,G54967,G54968,G55444,G56274,G56325,K001314951,K001323559,K1300716,K1303296,K1303298,K1306046,K1308077,K1310238-1,K1310242,K1311107,K1314329,K1314951,K1323558,K1323559,K1506105,P382040,P382062,Q000212671,Q000212674,Wq212672show LessCross Parts: 08010466, 222t026p04, 5301314951, 5308011659, K1306046, 318372201, 8002899, 3015607, K1323558, G56274, K001314951, 316439801, 5308011963, K1310242, Wq212672show Less, 3015210, Ah2368974, 5308004664, G54967, K1308077, 08011659, K1323559, G54968, K001323559, K1303296, 08011963, 222t026p01, 316265300, Q000212674, Q000212671, 3051803, 3017441, 5303017441, K1310238-1, K1300716, G382061, 222t026p02, 222t026p12, 5303309000, 222t026p05, P382062, 316048500, 1531971, 08004664, 222t062p01, 222t026p08, 8003117, G56325, 08067762, K1314329, 08002899, 5303325550, 8011963, 222t026p10, 222t026p13, 3051433, 222t026p14, K1506105, K1311107, 3012222, 222t057p01, K1303298, 5303015210, 222t057p01. . . Show More, 5308002899, 222t026p09, Ea2368974, G55444, Ps2368974, G382062, 08003117, P382040, Ap4455337, K1314951, 222t021p02