Crisper Support - Rear

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Crisper Support - Rear Specifications this Authentic Rear Crisper Support Is A White, Plastic Part Which Is Rated As "Easy" To Install By Our Customers. This Oem Part Replaces The Rear Crisper Cover Support In Your Fridge And Mounts To The Inside Cabinet Wall. If There Is Visible Damager Or Your Crisper Stops Fitting Properly, It May Be Time To Replace The Part. Check Your User Manual And Model Number To Ensure This Part Is What You Need. Replacing The Rear Crisper Support In Your Refrigerator Is An Easy Job. This Part Is Made From Plastic And Mounts On The Inside Of The Wall. To Complete This Repair You Will Need A Small Putty Knife, A Punch Or A Short Flat Blade Screwdriver, And A Small Hammer. You May Need To Replace Your Rear Crisper Support If You Find That The Door Will Not Open Or Close. In Order To Complete This Repair, You Will Need To Remove All The Shelves Above The Crisper In Order To Have Ample Room To Work. It Is Also Good To Have Duct Tape On Hand, Which Can Be Used To Protect The Liner Around The Support. This Part Is Sold Individually. Please Note That The Rear And Front Crisper Support Are Different PartsCross Parts: Ap4393090, Ah2358879, 7241993001, 240350802, Ps2358879, 241993001, Ea2358879, 1513081