Defrost Timer - 120V 60Hz

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Defrost Timer - 120v 60hz Specifications this Defrost Timer Is Designed For Use In Your Refrigerator. The Defrost Timer Acts As A Clock, That Switches The Refrigerator From The Freezing Cycle To The Defrost Cycle And Back. If Your Refrigerator Is Running Non-Stop, Or Is Not Running At All, You May Need To Check And Replace The Defrost Timer. This Is A 6 Hour And 21 Minute Defrost Timer. This Part Is Made Of White Plastic, With 4 Metal Prongs Protruding From One End. To Complete This Repair, You Will Need To Access The Old Defrost Timer Which Is Located Inside The Console On The Roof Of Your Refrigerator. To Complete This Repair, You Will Need A 1/4-Inch Nut Driver, A Flat Blade Screwdriver, And A Phillips Screwdriver. Be Sure To Disconnect Power From Your Refrigerator Before You Begin This Repair. This Part Fixes The Following Symptoms: This Part Fixes The Following Symptoms: Fridge Too Warm | Freezer Not Defrosting | Fridge And Freezer Are Too Warm | Will Not Startthis Part Works With The Following Products: This Part Works With The Following Products: Refrigerator, Freezer. This Part Works With The Following Products: This Part Works With The Following Products: Frigidaire, Kenmore, Crosley, Kelvinator. Part, 215846604 Replaces These: Part, 215846604 Replaces These: Ap2592907,442754,08000035,08003824,08011620,241809401,241809402,29811-3,3001268,3007400,5300541134,5300800692,5303007400,5308000035,5308003824,54113-1,54113-4,55448-3,55448-4,55467-1. . . Show More, 8000035,8003824,8011620,F111695,F111812,G000158274,G000158291,G000173814,G000187005,G000187464,G158274,G158291,G163818,G169069,G173814,G174821,G178820,G185160,G187464,K1224661,K1224662,K1226501,K1226502,K1227229,K1227920,K1227927,K1228104,K1228105,K1230354,K1230534,K1233374,K1233375,Nr00422503,R000422503,R000900129,R422503,W188c189a06,W188c189a07,Wr422503show LessCross Parts: 08000035, 29811-3, 5308000035, K1226501, 55448-4, G158274, K1233375, 5308003824, K1228105, K1233374, F111695, W188c189a07, G187464, 54113-1, K1227229, 55448-3, G000173814, 442754, G000158274, G185160, G000187464, K1230354, 241809402, G000187005, 241809401, 54113-4, Wr422503show Less, 8000035, 3007400, G173814, G163818, G169069, Ah423802, G000158291, 5300541134, 08003824, 8003824, K1226502, 8011620, 3001268, K1228104, R000900129, Nr00422503, 08011620, K1227927, W188c189a06, 5303007400, K1224662, R000422503, Ea423802, K1230534, Ps423802, Cc304, 1748201, Wr422503, K1224661, K1227920, 55467-1, G158291, R422503, Ap2592907, 5300800692, 55467-1. . . Show More, F111812, G178820, G174821