Door/Light Switch

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Door/Light Switch Specifications this Is A Door/Light Switch And It Is A Replacement Part For Your Refrigerator. This Part Is Activated As You Open And Close Your Refrigerator Door. When The Switch Is Activated And The Door Is Open It Will Turn The Light On Inside Your Appliance, And When You Close The Door The Switch Will Deactivate The Light. Before Purchasing This Part, You May Test It For Continuity To Determine If Your Current Switch Is Defective And Needs Replacing. This Model Is White In Color And Measures To Be Roughly One Inch Thick, Almost Two Inches High, And Almost 1. 5 Inches Deep, With A Male End Plug. This Part Fixes The Following Symptoms: This Part Fixes The Following Symptoms: Light Not Workingthis Part Works With The Following Products: This Part Works With The Following Products: Refrigerator, Freezer. This Part Works With The Following Products: This Part Works With The Following Products: Frigidaire, Kenmore, Gibson, Kelvinator. Part, 5309918806 Replaces These: Part, 5309918806 Replaces These: Ap2153310,3534,00625180,01135451,06599853,08000069,08001231,08016816,08037962,09918806,1135451,187200,3001376,5308000069,5308037962,5566-44-1,5566-45-1,625180,6599853,8000069. . . Show More, 8001231,8016816,8037962,9918806,F000300589,F300589,G000162672,G162672,G187200,K1227756,K1228786,K1229158,R000252101,R000900091,R252101,Wr252101show LessCross Parts: F300589, 8001231, Ah474672, 08037962, Ps474672, Ap2153310, 01135451, 8000069. . . Show More, 5308000069, 08016816, 3001376, 8037962, K1229158, K1227756, R000900091, 09918806, 8016816, 00625180, 9918806, 3534, 08001231, K1228786, 187200, G162672, 5566-44-1, R252101, G187200, 08000069, 5308037962, Wr252101show Less, G000162672, F000300589, 1135451, 8000069, Wr252101, 06599853, 6599853, 5566-45-1, R000252101, Ea474672, 8001231, 5309918806, 625180