Drip Bowl - 8"

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Drip Bowl - 8" Specifications this Chrome Drip Bowl Is Designed For Use With Electric Cooktops And Ranges. This Drip Bowl Is Sold Individually. At The Widest Point This Part Has A Diameter Of Approximately 10 Inches. It Sits Beneath The Surface Burner Element. It Catches Any Drips Or Spills Coming From The Cookware On Your Burner. Because The Cooktop Is A High-Traffic Area Of The Kitchen, These Bowls Often Get Damaged, Or Get So Dirty They Can No Longer Be Adequately Cleaned. When Replacing This Part You Need To Remove The Burner Element. While You Have It Out We Recommend Inspecting The Terminals And The Element For Any Corrosion, Arcing, Or Discoloration. Any Of Those Things Could Be A Sign Of A Bigger Problem, And It Indicates That The Element And Terminal Block Should Be Replaced. This Part Fixes The Following Symptoms: This Part Fixes The Following Symptoms: Element Will Not Heatthis Part Works With The Following Products: This Part Works With The Following Products: Range, Cooktop. This Part Works With The Following Products: This Part Works With The Following Products: Frigidaire, Tappan, Kenmore, Kelvinator. Part, 316048413 Replaces These: Part, 316048413 Replaces These: Ap2124664,438,08002898,08003243,08004682,08005370,08010469,08011441,08012560,3013588,3051020,3051479,316048403,316221201,318067010,318067018,318067020,318067055,318067056,3205286. . . Show More, 5301317238,5303013588,5303205286,5303210561,5303285960,5303935054,5304432495,5308004682,5308011441,542t008p01,542t008p02,542t013p01,542t015p01,542t017p01,542t019p01,542t021p01,542t021w01,8002898,8003243,8004682,8005370,8010469,8011441,8012560,A1505243,A316221201,Ap00062006,Ap062006,E062003,G55556,G55558,K001307596,K001317238,K005039601,K1300724,K1301998,K1307596,K1317046,K1317238,K5039601,P062003,P062006,Q000211873,Q000212096,Q000215482,Q215482,Wq215482show LessCross Parts: 316221201, 542t013p01, G55556, 8012560, K1301998, 8004682, 3205286, 8005370, Ps437595, 5303013588, 3205286. . . Show More, E062003, P062006, 8011441, A1505243, P062003, Q000212096, 3051479, 5303210561, 318067055, 5303285960, 542t017p01, Q000211873, 542t008p01, 318067018, 5301317238, 08010469, 316048403, 542t015p01, 08002898, Wq215482, 5304432495, G55558, K5039601, Ea437595, Ah437595, 318067056, 08004682, 08011441, Ap062006, 8003243, K1300724, 5308011441, 3051020, 08003243, A316221201, 318067020, Ap00062006, 318067010, 5308004682, 542t019p01, 8010469, K1317046, K1317238, 5301317238, Wq215482show Less, Ap2124664, K005039601, 542t021w01, K001307596, 5303935054, 542t008p02, K001317238, K1307596, Q215482, 5303205286, 542t021p01, Q000215482, 08005370, Dp8bn, 08012560, 438, 8002898, 3013588