Electronic Control Board

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Electronic Control Board Specificationsthe Electronic Control Board Is Used In Refrigerators To Monitor And Manage The Temperature Settings, Such As Cooling Or Defrosting Times. If Your Fridge Or Freezer Is Too Warm, Too Cold, Is Not Defrosting, Will Not Start, And/Or Runs Too Long Then Replacing The Control Board Could Solve Your Appliance Problem. The Tools Needed For This Installation Project Is A Small Flat Blade Screwdriver. *Please Note: The Board Will Need To Be Programmed After Installation. Remember To Unplug Refrigerator From Power Source As A Safety Precaution. Refer To The Manual Provided By The Manufacturer For Further Installation Instructions And Accurate Guidance. This Part Fixes The Following Symptoms: This Part Fixes The Following Symptoms: Fridge Too Warm | Freezer Not Defrosting | Will Not Start | Freezer Too Coldthis Part Works With The Following Products: This Part Works With The Following Products: Refrigerator. This Part Works With The Following Products: This Part Works With The Following Products: Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, Kenmore. Part, Wpw10503278 Replaces These: Part, Wpw10503278 Replaces These: Ap6022400,12002339,12002445,12002449,12002508,12002509,12002567,12002706,12784415,12784415v,12868502,12868510,12868513,67003867,67004453,67004496,67004907,67005043,67005280,67005281. . . Show More, 67006034,67006209,67006214,67006216,67006226,67006712,67006740,8208187,W10165748,W10503278show LessCross Parts: 12002445, 67006216, 12002449, W10165748, Ps11755733, W10503278show Less, 67006034, 12002508, 67003867, 12002339, 67006209, 67006712, 67004453, 12002509, 12868502, 67004907, 12784415, 67005281. . . Show More, 67006034, 67006740, Ap6022400, 67004496, 8208187, 12002706, 67005280, 67005043, 67006226, 12784415v, W10503278, 67006214, 12868513, 12868510, 12002567, 67005281