Main Terminal Block Kit

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Main Terminal Block Kit Specificationsterminal Block Kits Are Also Known As Terminal Boards, Or Terminal Strips, And They Are Found In A Wide Variety Of Household Appliances. Most Often In Ranges, Wall Ovens, And Dryers. This Kit Attaches The Power Cord To The Inner Wiring Of Your Appliance. If The Terminal Block Is Faulty, Your Appliance Will Not Get The Power It Needs To Operate Properly. When Removing The Old Block Pay Close Attention To The Wire Placement, This Will Make Installing Your New Part Much Easier. If You Notice Any Of The Wires Or Wire Terminals Are Corroded Or Damaged They Will Also Need To Be Replaced. This Part Fixes The Following Symptoms: This Part Fixes The Following Symptoms: Little To No Heat When Baking | Will Not Start | Element Will Not Heat | Little To No Heat When Broilingthis Part Works With The Following Products: This Part Works With The Following Products: Range, Wall Oven, Dryer, Cooktop. This Part Works With The Following Products: This Part Works With The Following Products: Frigidaire, Kenmore, Tappan, Kelvinator. Part, 5304409888 Replaces These: Part, 5304409888 Replaces These: Ap2584987,726,05426990,05429173,06563359,08001566,08003145,08010480,08010581,08011432,3007930,3051022,3051098,3051560,3051607,3051695,316056000,3161116,355t586s01,5300134264. . . Show More, 5303051098,5303161116,5303310518,5303935061,5306563359,5426990,5429173,6563359,709l003p01,709t021p01,709t021p02,709t031p01,75304409888,7642,8001566,8003145,8010480,8010581,8011432,85-224-5,A1505239,Ae042022,Ap042022,F000073334,F073334-000,F073334000,F10-2002,F73334,Fl00073334,G54425,G55268,K1025649,K1035600,K1036288,K1189189,K1189558,K1189588,P042022,Q000007541,Q000007548,Q000061341,Q000066783,Q000134264,Q134264,Wq134264,Wq66783show LessCross Parts: 5426990, 3051695, 8010480, G55268, 3161116, 5303051098, 6563359, Wq134264, Ap2584987, Fl00073334, 5303935061, 8003145, F073334000, Ps471605, 8010581, Q66783, Ae042022, 316056000, A1505239, 3007930, Ah471605, F73334, 5306563359, K1189189, 709l003p01, 08010480, 3051607, Wq66783, K1025649, 05429173, Q000061341, 06563359, 05426990, De705, 5303161116, 8001566, Ap042022, 355t586s01, 5429173, Q000134264, G54425, Q134264, F000073334, Q000066783, 709t021p01, 709t031p01, F10-2002, F073334-000, 7642, 5300134264, 5303051098, 3051022, 75304409888, 85-224-5, 08003145, 08011432, 3051560, Q000007548, P042022, Wq66783show Less, Ea471605, K1189588, 5303310518, K1035600, 726, 08001566, 5300134264. . . Show More, K1036288, 08010581, 3051098, K1189558, Q000007541, 709t021p02, 8011432