Pantry End Cap Kit Lh And Rh

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Pantry End Cap Kit, Lh And Rh Specifications this Manufacturer-Approved Refrigerator Pantry End Cap Kit, Also Known As The Refrigerator Drawer Support, Is A Kit Containing All Parts Of The Pantry End Cap. It Snaps Into Place On The Appliance’S Pantry Drawer To Help Contain The Items Inside And To Keep Your Refrigerator Door From Sliding All The Way Out. It Is Rated As "Medium" Difficulty To Install, Is Constructed Of Plastic And Comes In White. If Broken Or Missing, The Pantry Drawer Will Not Stay In Place And The Part Should Be Replaced. Refer To Your User Manual And Model Number To Ensure This Is The Correct Part For You. This Kit Includes Both The Right And Left Side End Caps, As Well As The Pins That Will Hold Them In Place. To Replace An End Cap, Remove The Three Screws Holding It In Place. Then, Remove The Pin And End Cap, Replacing The Old End Cap With The New End Cap. In The Past, The Left And Right End Caps Were Sold Separately, But The Part Has Been Updated And Now Includes Both Sides. The Part Is Sold As A Kit, And Unfortunately, As Such None Of The Parts Are Available Individually. This Part Fixes The Following Symptoms: This Part Fixes The Following Symptoms: Door Won’T Open Or Close | Fridge Too Cold | Noisythis Part Works With The Following Products: This Part Works With The Following Products: Refrigerator. This Part Works With The Following Products: This Part Works With The Following Products: Kenmore, Maytag, Whirlpool, Amana. Part, W10874836 Replaces These: Part, W10874836 Replaces These: Ap6004794,12656010,12656013,12656014,12656019,12656022,12656023,12656104,12656106,2206738w,2206740w,2206764w,2301453w,2301455w,2311704w,67002757,67002758,67003281,67005694,67005858. . . Show More, 67005861,67005863,8208332,8208333,W10845508,W10845509,W10870281,W10874836vp,Wp12656022,Wp12656023show LessCross Parts: 8208333, 12656010, Wp12656022, 12656106, Wp12656023show Less, Ps11738134, 12656019, 67005858, 2206738w, 67005694, 67005863, 12656022, Wp12656023, 67002757, W10845509, 67003281, Ap6004794, 12656023, 67005861, 2301453w, 2206764w, W10845508, 12656014, 67002758, W10870281, 2311704w, 67005858. . . Show More, W10874836vp, 8208332, 67005861, 12656104, 2301455w, 12656013, 2206740w