Surface Element - 8 Inch - 220V

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Surface Element - 8 Inch - 220v Specificationsif The Burner Element On Your Range Will Not Heat Up, Or Is Damaged, It May Need To Be Replaced. This Part Is 8 Inches In Diameter, And Should Not Be Confused With The Smaller 6-Inch Model. The Part Is 220 Volts And 4 Turn. The Burner Element Connects To The Terminal Block Inside The Range. To Do This Repair, Simply Remove The Old Surface Element And Replace It With The New Part. This Product Is Sold Individually. As The Surface Element Is Hot When It Is On, Be Sure To Unplug The Range From The Power Source Before Completing This Repair. This Part Fixes The Following Symptoms: This Part Fixes The Following Symptoms: Element Will Not Heat | Will Not Startthis Part Works With The Following Products: This Part Works With The Following Products: Range, Cooktop. This Part Works With The Following Products: This Part Works With The Following Products: Frigidaire, Tappan, Kenmore, Gibson. Part, 316442300 Replaces These: Part, 316442300 Replaces These: Ap4356466,1465860,316442300,08003245,08005320,08013939,222t032p01,222t032p02,222t032p03,222t032p04,222t032p05,222t032p06,222t032p06-L,222t032p07,222t032p15,222t058p01,222t061p01,3015186,3015715,3017927. . . Show More, 3051018,3051450,316265600,318372203,318372213,3202348,382059,5301314952,5303015715,5303207161,5303311320,5303325551,5308005320,8003245,8005320,8013939,A1505255,A1505994,Ap382039,Ap382044,E382033,G382059,K001314952,K001318116,K1300708,K1303302,K1310240,K1311110,K1314330,K1314952,K1314952p,K1318112,K1318116,K1506118,P382033,P382039,P382044,P382058,P382059,Q000211871,Q000212691,Q212691show LessCross Parts: Ap4356466, 222t032p04, 222t061p01, 222t032p06, 3202348, K1314952, 222t032p05, K1318112, E382033, 8003245, Ap382039, 222t032p06-L, 5303311320, P382033, G382059, Q000212691, A1505994, K1300708, P382058, 222t032p07, 08003245, K1311110, 3015186, 316442300, K1506118, 08005320, Q000211871, 8013939, K1314952p, 5303325551, 5308005320, P382059, 5303207161, 316265600, 222t058p01, 318372213, K1303302, K001314952, 222t032p15, Q212691show Less, 1465860, K001318116, K1314330, 08013939, P382039, Ps2339241, 382059, 5301314952, 3051018, 222t032p03, A1505255, 318372203, P382044, 222t032p01, K1318116, 3017927. . . Show More, 222t032p02, 5303015715, Ap382044, 8005320, 3051450, K1310240, Q212691, 3015715