Water Inlet Valve

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Water Inlet Valve Specificationsthe Water Inlet Valve Has Two Ports For Water To Enter And Controls The Flow Of Water Into A Washing Machine. Hot, Cold, And Warm Water Can Easily Enter The Washer This Way. If The Water Inlet Valve Is In Any Way Damaged Or Defective, It May Be Slow To Fill Or Even Leak. Before Beginning This Replacement, Make Sure To Unplug The Washer From The Power Range Or Shut Off The House Circuit Breaker. Remember To Wear Gloves For Safety. Refer To The Installation Instructions And The Diagram Provided By The Manufacturer For Best Results And Accuracy. This Part Fixes The Following Symptoms: This Part Fixes The Following Symptoms: Will Not Stop Filling With Water | Leaking | No Hot Or Cold Water | Will Not Fill With Waterthis Part Works With The Following Products: This Part Works With The Following Products: Washer, Washer Dryer Combo. This Part Works With The Following Products: This Part Works With The Following Products: Frigidaire, Kenmore, Westinghouse, Gibson. Part, 134190200 Replaces These: Part, 134190200 Replaces These: Ap3363282,1014339,00633917,01132783,08001821,08006734,08014911,08015532,09948913,1132783,131167100,131199700,131258000,131389300,3161140,3202984,3204379,3261053,5300633917,5303202984. . . Show More, 5303206933,5303207418,5303210628,5303261053,5303272066,5303280328,5308006734,5308015532,633917,8001821,8006478,8006734,8014911,8015532,9948913,Df141174-000,F132811,F136404,F136404-000,F137632,F140274,F140274-000,F140274000,F140560,F140862-000,F141174-000,F141174000,F76138-1,F76684,F76684-1,Nq00171447,Q000149791,Q000158951,Q000165531,Q000171301,Q000171442,Q000171443,Q000171445,Q000171447,Q000199022,Q000614163,Q171442,Q171443,Q171445,Q171447,Wq149877,Wq158951,Wq171442,Wq171443,Wq171445,Wq171447,Wq614161,Wq614163show LessCross Parts: Q171447, 5303272066, 1014339, 5303210628, Wq149877, F137632, Q171442, 5303206933, F141174-000, 131258000, Q000158951, Wq171442, Q000171301, Q000171445, F136404-000, 01132783, F76138-1, 131199700, F140274-000, Wq171445, F140862-000, Q171445, Wq614163, Wq171443, 3161140, 8014911, 08015532, 5303261053, 08006734, 8006478, F141174000, 5308006734, Q000171442, 131389300, 134190200, F76684, Df141174-000, Ps815509, Q000171447, Wq171447, 131167100, F140274000, 3261053, Ap3363282, Nq00171447, 1132783, Q000149791, Wq614163show Less, 633917, F132811, Wq614161, Q000171443, 5303202984. . . Show More, F140560, 8015532, 08001821, 09948913, 5300633917, 3204379, 08014911, 00633917, 5303207418, 3202984, F136404, Q171443, F140274, 8006734, F76684-1, Q000165531, Ea815509, Q000199022, 5308015532, Q000614163, 9948913, 5303280328, Wq158951, 8001821